What is this site about?

“evil prevails when good men do nothing” Edmund Burke

This site is dedicated solely to the discovery, examination, and publication of the credentials, actions and history of the operator of a blog called “shark-tank”.

What’s the rub?  Fundamentally, Manjarres is a registered Republican, he’s self described ultra conservative and he holds an Alternate Committeeman seat on the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). So far so good? Not so fast. His blogging purpose maybe described as “shark attack” or blood letting of Republicans, performed all to the delight of the Democrat Left who consider him the “GOP Blogger most loved by Liberals.”  What he claims himself to be, vs. how he acts and behaves are poles apart.

His broad modus operandi is to attack Republican political candidates who do not pay him and he is simple and straightforward about it. Here is what he told  Bob Norman then of The Daily Pulp, who remarked about the ethics of Manjarres.

Manjarres states he didn’t attack those that paid him

Manjarres operates the Shark-Tank blog to perform the following services for, or to, Republican politicians:

  • Paid Attack Dog, taking on political opposition leaving the client’s hands clean
  • Political Tracking and Reporting: Recording opposition candidates and supporters for Clients
  • Political Advertising, as cover for fees proper disclosure
  • Re publish news from other sources as pabulum to the readers

     These aren’t unlawful activities are they?  So again where is the beef?  It’s just politics right?  Isn’t there a 1st amendment freedom of speech issue here?

     This sites sponsors defend Manjarres’s right to say what he wants. However, just like falsely screaming fire in a theater, he is responsible for his words and their damage. That said, there is the major issue of Manjarres being a member of the Broward Republican Executive Committee. This status affords him unprecedented access to Republican strategies and programs, candidates and party policy. From this access he’s made it common practice to disclose such with his critical spin to the public. Such acts are contrary to the welfare of the Party.  But we have Free Speech you say? No, because with respect to Republicans and the Republican Party he happily surrendered some of that right. Please understand to be a member of the Broward Republican Executive Committee and the Republican Party of Florida, Manjarres had to sign a Party Loyalty Oath, (Democrats have them too) which requires him to comply with certain restraints on his behavior, and yes to bridle his critical speech about fellow Republicans and the Party.  Adherence to this Oath is fundamental to the promotion and maintenance of Party Unity. And he cheerfully entered in to this agreement to gain access to the Party structure and benefits.

A copy of the Oath Manjarres voluntarily signed

     This voluntarily signed Oath has caused other party officials to act in good faith and to avoid conflicts of interest resign from official positions. Avoidance of conflicts of interest that would arise from critical public political attacks upon Republicans, must be avoided. Anyone has the right under the 1st. amendment to say what they please, however as a member of the party leadership one does not, by the parties consent, while part of party leadership. Manjarres has such an obligation. Manjarres has refused to resign his position, and persists engaging in an ever growing list of violations of the Party Oath as well as Florida Statutes.

That has left Republicans most affected by Manjarres’s attacks with the disagreeable role of seeking his ouster under RPOF Rules.  These leaders at the same time are attempting to mitigate the damage he seeks to reek upon the local Party specifically in Broward County, Florida.

     To further complicate matters, Manjarres has recently been on a mission of vengeance against Republican individuals who are members of the Republican Party Leadership in Broward County.

  • He has also openly attacked State Party Leaders.
  • Attacked regular Republican volunteers who disagree with, or question him.
  • He’s viscously attacked those who worked to thwart his efforts to take control the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) in the last internal election.
  • He attacks volunteers of opponents campaigning against his paying customers.

     His attacks are personal, made with malice and have created a highly charged and growing resistance movement towards him with in BREC.  There in lies the conflict that is currently boiling over in to the public view.  Manjarres is attempting to, rhetorically speaking, “bludgeon” his way in to control of the local party apparatus in Broward County, in the face of a growing group of members who see his actions divisive and destructive to the Committee’s goals of getting Republicans elected to office.

     Here in these tabs you will find volumes of political attacks he has undertaken against Republican individuals, in many cases based upon outright falsehoods or just a mean spirited nature.  We do not intend to try to tell you what to think about Javier Manjarres, but rather to give you the facts, disclosures and public commentaries which you may find helpful in forming an opinion about him without his own hyperbole of self aggrandizement.

Others who have experiences with him are encouraged to contribute here. We hope the public will examine this man for; who and what he is, and what he is not.

     Available in the tabs above are hard copy support on his criminal record, political history, domestic violence records and evidence supporting a his ethical and derisive activities taken against the Republican Party. This is a Public Comment site where your comments and disclosures on Javier’s activities are invited.  If you have knowledge or experiences about Manjarres you think belong here, we would like to hear from you so we may consider what you have for inclusion in this site.  All postings are anonymous; however posts are subject to removal for off topic purpose or use of profanity.