Felony Burglary  and Assault:  1995

     According to the plaintiff Mr Konkie, Manjarres forcibly broke into his home and beat him, in front of two witnesses.  Manjarres tells Bob Norman of then New Times (The Daily Pulp Blog) “it was just a stupid mistake in his youth”. ( Manjarres was then 22 year old man.)  All three of the witnesses have a much more distressing report of his actions.

Felony Burglary with Assault: Arrest & Pleads Guilty on a Plea deal

     Mr. Bronkie didn’t feel that way about it. Neither did Ms.Gonzales or Ms. Martin who were shocked watching Manjarres pummel Bronkie after Manjarres smashed in the door. But you judge for yourself. Manjarres pled guilty and served 20 months probation on a 3 year order and was placed under Broward Probation supervision.  Get the facts: